Kitchen Countertops – Most Practical vs. Most Popular

Kitchen Countertops – Most Practical vs. Most Popular

These days, when it comes to kitchen countertops, there is no doubt that there are so many different types of choices out there. From natural stone materials such as granite and marble to others materials such as solid surface and wood, and more modern materials such as stainless steel and concrete, it seems like more and more countertop choices are popping up each and every day.
But, there is one countertop material that seems to supersede all others in terms of practicality as well as popularity, and that is manufactured quartz. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, manufactured quartz has surpassed granite as the most popular kitchen countertop material as of 2017.
And, for many great reasons! First of all, the biggest reason why

quartz countertops

manufactured quartz is so popular is that not only is it beautiful, but it is also stain resistant and stands up very well to extremely acidic environments. And, since manufactured quartz is not a natural stone such as marble, it never needs to be sealed. Now, what could be better than that? Additionally, manufactured quartz is chip resistant and scratch resistant, which means it’s the perfect material for households that have children in them. It’s also an environmentally-friendly stone due to the fact that it doesn’t need to be mined or shipped across the country, which cuts down on the carbon footprint. For being a practical countertop material, manufactured quartz definitely rises to the top. These days, there is really no reason not to choose manufactured stone over any other type of countertop material. There are just so many plusses to manufactured quartz and practically no minuses. At the end of the day, manufactured quartz is an incredible countertop material for this and the next generation and always looks amazing and modern when integrated into any home.


Here are the countertop materials most commonly specified by kitchen designers last year, according to the NKBA:

88 %
83 %
43 %
Solid surface
43 %
Butcher block
35 %
Other wood
29 %
Other stone
26 %
Recycled countertops
22 %
Stainless steel
17 %
13 %
11 %
6 %
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